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You wanted the perfect birth story...

God gave you His perfect plan.

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This is the miraculous story of God's goodness expressed through the challenges of childbirth. He worked through the hands of doctors, midwives and nurses and proved His goodness to a dad, a mum and their pre-term baby.

Cheryl Adamos Noutch shares the tender account of the birth of her first-born child. This is an honest account of her journey into motherhood and her struggle with an emergency caesarean. As a woman of faith in Jesus, she explores the testimony of what God did for her, her husband and her pre-term baby through unexpected circumstances. She shares how she worshipped through the struggle of physical pain and the heartache of feeling that she didn't get what she prayed for, in the end realising that God answered and kept His promise fully: that He would deliver her.

The candid vulnerability of this book as an encouragement for all mothers who have questions about their own birth stories, and also for those who struggle to find God in their hardest moments.