Impact of the Project

who did we reach?

Over the 2 days at the Thames Barrier Park and the 3 days at Art in the Docks, Waymakers Kids delivered 30 art workshops for 900+ users.

Our youngest artists were under 1 and our oldest attendee 70+. We engaged 9 school classes from Royal Wharf Primary School and Britannia Village Primary School.

Our event at Thames Barrier Park reached 650+ participants. 80% of them heard of our event by word of mouth and local WhatsApp groups. A high percentage of these were pre-booked using Happity.

20% of the users who joined us were walk-ins from the local area.

Our team

We partnered with 4 specialists - 1 fashion designer and artist, 1 artist and designer, 1 creative events producer and 1 artist and youth leader who live and work in the Royal Docks area.

We employed 20 people who live and work in the Newham area.

Of these 20, 11 of them were young people aged 16-22. All of whom have a heart to serve their local community as they live and work in the borough of Newham.

We also had 12 volunteers which included 3 artists who came to paint in the park to show their art practise and 5 adults from the local community who live and work around the Plaistow/Canning Town area.

Art in the docks

Our 3 day exhibition at Royal Albert Wharf's Art in the Docks Gallery was attended by over 280+ participants.

The vast majority of these attendees were locals to Royal Albert Wharf, Gallions Reach and the Beckton Area. 65% of these participants had never been to a Waymakers Kids event before.

35% of the participant were those who had attended Painting in the Park and were excited to see their work displayed at the gallery. See the image carousel below for a closer look at our exhibition.

the impact of process art

The work itself celebrated the work of the under represented in the art world - babies, toddlers and children.

The impact of this work goes beyond numbers - it says, "we value you and the marks you make."

It says to children, what you create is important. Your voice is important.

This is a very special message for our growing community. These Waymakers will become the artists, problem solvers, creatives, designers, engineers, politicians and leaders of tomorrow.

The impact shows here - their marks are celebrated. Their voice is heard.

Left: Image Carousel of Art in the Docks images - photo credits to Cheryl A Noutch, Dorothy Mendoza and Martin Noutch

Above: Mum and Magnus enjoying our process art house, a recreation from Painting in the Park.